• C A I T L Y N  T A Y L O R

    Why yoga?
    Yoga is the place i come to check myself, to come down from the whirlwind of the mind back home into the body. it’s the most tangible way to carve out space, to slow down time, to embody my own learning and face myself truly as i am.

    My teaching style is…
    Slow, grounded and real.

    In my classes you can expect…
    To explore the boundaries of your own experience and be reminded that you’re already awesome.

    In my spare time you’ll find me…
    Watching footy with my nan, devouring a book, ruminating in the bush, listening to techno, eating hummus.

    Favourite yoga pose & why
    Frog – 5 minutes in this shape and life turns transcendental.

    I’m inspired by…
    People who sacrifice the comfort and the pleasures of this privileged life to fight for the rights of, and to care for, those most marginalised in this world.

    My philosophy/mantra for life is…
    ‘Since everything is but an apparition,
    Having nothing to do with good or bad,
    Acceptance or rejection –
    One may well burst out in laughter’

    My #1 must-read recommendation is…
    Status Anxiety – Alain de Botton, an early game changer for me.

    I can’t live without…
    Time in nature.

    Favourite holiday destination
    The Anantara in Hoi An, Wietnam. that is the true meaning of the word holiday.

    Drink of choice
    An ice cold pint of Young Henry’s Natural Lager.