• E M I L Y B U T T E R W O R T H

    Emily teaches Wednesdays 6pm Vinyasa Slow and 7.15pm Yang/Yin (75 min). We love Emily's honest and relatable approach to her classes. Expect to w e r k whilst simultaneously calming your mind through a strong and focused practice. We caught up with Emily to ask her a few questions... 

    WHY YOGA? 
    I come from a dance background so after stepping off the stage I was looking for another way to move my body that didn’t involve pumping weights in a gym or pounding the pavement (Yuck!).

    Thankfully for me, I somehow landed on a yoga mat. I was initially attracted to the physical asana practice, completely besotted with the shapes the human body could make and infatuated with the energetic feeling that came with the marriage of movement with breath. It wasn’t long before I soon began to realise that yoga is so much more than just a form of movement.

    I was at uni at the time and witnessed a huge reduction in stress and anxiety levels, my relationships with those around me became more honest and authentic and I experienced exponential growth in who I was as a person. Even now after years of teaching and double that time in practice I am sometimes in awe of the capacity this practice has to enhance our lives. Yoga has made me be more conscious, more honest and wholeheartedly accept myself for the perfectly imperfect human that I am. So yeh…that’s why yoga!

    The world around me everyday. Nature. The way that the leaves know just by the weather that its time to fall off the trees or change colour. My mum and dad, their humility and ridiculously big hearts. Books, art, food, dancing and drinking wine with my girlfriends…the list goes on. Sometimes I find myself searching for inspiration when really it’s right in front of us everyday as cliché as that sounds.

    Try everything at least twice.

    A few beginning with Ch…Cheese, chocolate, champagne.