• Flow into Spring with Chris Dixon

    When: Sunday 15 October
    Time: 3 – 5pm
    Investment: $35 members / $40 drop-in

    In this 2 hour workshop, we will connect to explore a liquid styled vinyasa flow. With the intent of creating freedom in the body and connecting to ‘flow state,’ we’ll explore a range of ways of moving like water in the yoga practice. Moving in such a way, can be incredibly nourishing for the entire body: the joints, tissues, organs, and muscular

    As we chart our course through a continuously moving vinyasa flow, we’ll take moments to break down creative transitions, explore progressions within our transitions, and develop ways to bring more supportive awareness to the movement between poses. Ultimately, this workshop is meant to not only explore the experience of being in the flow state, but also providing tools to develop your practice and bring that back into your daily routine.

    This is an all levels workshop: Chris will happily provide variations and progressions to those who attend, and while a regular vinyasa practice is encouraged, no experience is entirely necessary, only a willingness to explore. As a special treat, at
    the end of the session there will be an extended savasana accompanied by a live Sound Journey.

    We look forward too seeing you for this fun and playful welcoming of spring!

    liquid /ˈlɪkwɪd/ noun: a substance that flows freely but is of constant volume, having a consistency like that of water or oil.

     has a deep passion for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and the healing arts. As a teacher, Chris aims to inspire students to find strength and space in the body, as well as clarity of heart and mind. Chris believes in a well-rounded, balanced practice and wants his students to leave his class empowered, strengthened and opened into a greater sense of self. Originally from California, Chris has studied and taught extensively in the United States, Australia, India, and Thailand, and is now based in Melbourne.