• Liver Vitality Workshop with Jennalea McInnes

    When | Sunday 16 July, 4-6pm (Yin + Meditation class will be cancelled for this week) 
    Investment | $40 for KM members / $45 drop in 
    Winter is the perfect time for a mind and body overhaul!

    Join Jennalea for a deeper exploration into stimulating the liver meridians to activate this vital organ, dispelling stagnation and creating an environment for optimal health.

    In this workshop we will explore the biochemical and energetic characteristics of the liver, providing insights in to our yoga practice and how we can ultimately nurture this vital organ with a holistic approach. 

    We will begin the workshop with liver detox tea and movement stimulating the yang tissue to move stagnant energy, detoxifying the body and moving through a mindful flow. We then welcome deep rest as we drift into a nourishing yin practice to stimulate the liver meridians and bring space to the legs, hips and spine. We'll conclude with restorative yoga nidra and a long savasana, followed by a liver cleanse juice and liver nutrient-dense bliss balls
    Our liver is the power seat and the source for our metabolic health, as well as being involved in balancing and cleansing the body. Through its association with Wood energy, the liver governs growth and development, drive and desires, ambitions and creativity. 

    Obstruction of liver energy can cause intense feelings of frustration, rage and anger, and these emotions in turn further disrupt liver energy and suppress liver function, in a vicious self-destructive cycle.


    Jennaleas interest and passion in human anatomy and physiology has lead her to study different disciplines of yoga and Nutritional Medicine. Jennalea teaches vinyasa, slow flow and yin yoga. Studying Yin with Mysan Sidbo in 2013 gave Jennalea an insight in to holistic approaches to maintaining health and wellbeing via this restorative practice. Jennalea yields her knowledge on the human body in to each class, to amplify students awareness and their healing process. With a strong belief of the body's potential to heal itself, using the practice to stimulate this process and food as medicine.