• Schedule Changes from 1 May 2017

    You might notice a few small changes to our schedule come 1 May 2017! 

    ***NEW CLASS***
    Wednesday 7.15pm Power Flow will change to Yang/Yin (formerly know as Slow Flow / Yin) and will be a delectable 75 min of unwinding with Emily. 

    YANG/YIN Class Description
    A delicious combination of Vinyasa Slow + Yin extended to 75 min. Start the class with a mindful, slowly paced yoga sequence that incorporates conscious flowing of breath with movement of body to unwind from the stresses of the day then dissolve into a blissfully still Yin-style stretch and warm down to nourish our connective tissue - fascia, joints and ligaments. This class will build strength through slow, focused movements, increase flexibility and range of motion via flowing movements and deep stretching. 

    Heated to a comfortable 23 degrees. 


    Lately, I've become increasingly aware and uncomfortable of how loaded the word "power" can be, particularly in a time where we continually ask for more from ourselves.

    You'll notice our class names have changed slightly although the content will stay the same - please be aware of this when booking classes :) 

    Power Flow will change to Vinyasa Flow 
    Slow Flow will change to Vinyasa Slow 
    Slow Flow / Yin will change to Yang / Yin 
    Beginners Yoga will change to Vinyasa Foundations 

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