• Sound Meditation for ASRC with Alice Hobday

    Join Alice Hobday and Kindred Movement for a nourishing sound meditation with 100% of proceeds going to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
    In this day and age, sustainability in life requires us to take time out for ourselves and practice intentional self care.
    One magical way to do this is with Sound Meditation, traditionally known as Nada Yoga. Alice will use the sounds of Himalayan and clear quartz crystal singing bowls to take you on an internal journey into an altered state of consciousness, enhancing deeper connection, clarity, balance, purification and inner bliss.
    The sounds are very effective at clearing mental distraction and inducing a relaxation response that is most optimal for self healing.
    Suitable for all levels of meditation experience.
    We're excited to share this evening with you. Tea, treats, bolsters & mats will be provided. Feel free to bring an eye pillow!


    The ASRC is Australia's largest asylum seeker advocacy, aid and health organization promoting and protecting the human rights of asylum seekers. They rely on 95% of their income from community and philanthropy which translates into the following assistance for asylum seekers: 

    $35 can provide a baby pack for a new asylum seeker mother.
    $60 can provide medical care for 10 asylum seekers.
    $200 funds our Human Rights Law Program for a month.
    $500 can provide financial aid to 25 asylum seeker families in crisis.

    Support an amazing cause whilst rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.