• Mandy O'Keefe

    Mandy is infinitely inspired by yoga's transformative power - both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of joy and strength. She strives to teach from the heart to create an uplifting and nurturing environment where students can explore and expand within their own body and consciousness without taking things too seriously. Mandy believes that in order to be a great teacher one must continue to be a great student, and is committed to continually furthering her own learning on her personal yogic journey. Her training is vast across several styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Yin, Pre Natal, Lotus Flow and Prana Flow and she is honoured to guide students with a sense of compassion, fun & freedom.

  • Isabelle Stoner

    Isabelle teaches yoga because she has experienced first hand the potential for the practice to nourish, ground and enhance our lives. She sees the practice of yoga as a therapy for healing and unraveling the complications that got in the way of our essential experience of unity and joy. She combines her teaching of yoga with knowledge she's learning in her current studies of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine. This insight enables a diverse and holistic approach to self-care and natural wellbeing.

    Isabelle has been lucky enough to have many knowledgeable and inspiring teachers along the way having studied Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, as well modern yoga anatomy. She attempts to let her students find space on their mats to unravel, settle in, open up or just let it out and always hopes that in the end of the classes she teaches to inspire students to simply find their own way deeper into a practice that they love.

  • Victoria Paige

    Victoria's yoga teaching journey began with completing the 350 hour Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy. After practicing for 8 years, she finally decided to take her yoga practice and knowledge a step further. Yoga is her daily dose of clarity, and she wants to share her love and passion for the practice with her students.

    She tries to embody the yogic philosophy of santosa (contentment) and live each day to the fullest, using yoga to help keep her in the present moment and full of gratitude. Her professional background in environment, sustainability and communications meshes well with yoga as she aims to inspire people to live in harmony with their surroundings.

    If she's not traveling or brunching, you can find her on her yoga mat.

  • Danielle Klye

    Dani fell in love with Pilates after her very first class in 2008. A year later she completed a 200 hour Pilates Teacher Training course with Michelle Merrifield at the Essence of Living International Academy in QLD. After immersing herself in the world of Pilates, she set her sights on yoga and also completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2010.
    Dani taught at Essence of Living and many other locations on the Gold Coast for 4 years before making the move to Melbourne in January 2013 to complete the final year of her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health's Melbourne campus.
    As a Yoga & Pilates teacher, qualified Naturopath, certified Thai massage therapist and successful business owner (Dani is co-owner of The Daily Dose in Balaclava) Dani is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing, and integrating body, mind and soul into everything she does.
  • Amy Dunstan

    Amy is a Sydney girl who first discovered the magic of yoga while living in Byron Bay. Initially drawn to the physical benefits of the practice, Amy soon fell in love with the meditative side of yoga and the personal freedom it allows one to cultivate both on and off the mat. After completing her 200hr teacher training and additional immersive trainings in Melbourne, Amy quit her fast paced corporate career to pursue teaching and her passion for helping people empower themselves. Expect strong vinyasa classes with a focus on creative and challenging sequencing and the opportunity to explore freedom through movement.

  • Caitlyn Taylor

    Having adventured around the world for many years, yoga was Caitlyn’s one constant, exploring varied styles of practice under a myriad of different teachers. Caitlyn eventually found herself back where her yoga journey began, completing her 200hr training with Power Living Australia. She has also undertaken additional training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, reflecting a passion for the inclusivity and power of yoga to heal.

    Caitlyn’s classes connect the dots between mind and movement, threading them together to invite a creative expression of self, empowering you to arrive in your own present moment. Playfulness and self-inquiry are equally balanced, and each class reflects her truest belief: that life is intrinsically joyful.

  • Emma Udorovic

    Emma’s background in Gymnastics lead to a passion in the Health and Wellness industry and ultimately to Pilates. Her classes are suitable for all levels and focus on progressively building core strength and confidence, and of course having fun. She believes everyone can and should practise Pilates, and is passionate to spread the word about the amazing health benefits for your body and mind.

  • Claudia Wareham

    Movement in the veins, Claudia grew up with a background in dance. Studying overseas in Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles Claudia took her first yoga class to make up for a missed dance class and was hooked instantaneously. Claudia won a 150 barre teacher training in Melbourne and Sydney and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. With the mix of her training you can find lots of fluid flows and strong holds. She allows time for breath work and mindfulness at the start and end of her classes. She has found yoga to be a space where she can find creativity and depth. A place where she can be her best and reset herself and others.

  • Kat Harvey-Barakat

    Kat began dance classes at the age of 3 and competed nationally and internationally for many years. At 17, a heartbreaking injury forced her dance career to end. A few years later, after working as a Personal Trainer and also in the Events/Marketing industry, Kat found yoga. She began to realise that the reason behind 14 years of dance training and those hours working in a gym learning how the body works, was to prepare her body for yoga asana. It was her mind that took a little longer to immerse itself. Kat's teaching style is fun, strong and dynamic with focus on the breath, self love and compassion. Kat aims to stimulate the energetic body as much as the physical body to bring her students to one-ness.
  • Hayley Uberti

    Hayley started her yoga journey 6 years ago when her dance career came to a halt from injury. She found yoga not only beneficial for her body but aware of the support it gave her mentally and emotionally. Hayley quickly became intrigued by the yoga history, philosophy and mind- body-spirit connection which lead her to complete her 200hr Teaching Training certificate in India where she was privileged to learn from an extremely knowledgeable Indian yoga master who inspired her to teach others. Her interest in how the body moves, correct alignment and positioning is influenced from the decade of dance training and teaching and combines this with what she has learnt about the breath, asanas, chakras and meditation. 

    Hayley has been living in the UK for over 3 years where she was teaching both dance and yoga (Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Slow, Hatha and Yin/restorative) and returns home to Melbourne full of inspiration and motivation! She brings a full heart to class and hopes you can walk away with much more than just a practice on the mat.

  • Chelsea Byrne

    Chelsea came to Pilates from a dance education background and is an advanced level certified STOTT Pilates Mat Work instructor. Her style has been informed by both her background in dance and interest in a range of movement philosophies, focusing on body awareness and movement efficiency through dynamic imagery. Having taught Pilates in both clinical and group fitness settings for 7 years, her knowledge and understanding of biomechanics has helped develop a range of modified mat and studio programs for beginners, injury rehabilitation and pre-professional dancers. Chelsea herself is a contemporary dancer and recently competed a Master of Dance at Victoria College of the
    Arts. She also teaches dance technique, improvisation and barre.

  • Sarah Bunnell

    Sarah found yoga when she was an International flight attendant. It brought her a sense of groundedness amongst the chaos of long haul flights and a non existent body clock. Her personal transformation through a regular yoga practice sparked curiosity in those around her, which led to her first Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai in 2009. After a break from teaching for a few years Sarah decided to take a month YTT200 intensive in Bali to refresh and gain a deeper understanding of the principals she had learnt. Since then she has travelled to teach and continue her learnings in Bali, India, Singapore and Philippines. 
    Sarah brings a lot of passion to her classes and immense love to her students. She focuses on a slow mindful practice that encourages self awareness to unfold, with a focus on listening to what the body needs in each and every moment. Sarah’s goal as a teacher is to create an environment that fosters emotional and physical support for her students to experience the magic of yoga. The magic of personal transformation through gratitude and self awareness. The empowerment of a strong, healthy open body.