• Two-part Workshop Series with Michelle Cleminson

    The wonderful Michelle Cleminson returns from her native Canada and joins us at Kindred Movement for an amazing two-part workshop series. Don't miss Michelle's raw, soulful and fluid style of teaching as she guides you on an inward journey of exploration and asana. 

    #1 Breakdown to Breakthrough: Targeting the Breath, Bandhas & Booty
    12 November 2016 / 11am - 1pm

    Single Workshop - drop in $45 / members only $40 

    Double Workshop- drop in $75 / members only $70

    The magic of yoga unveils itself when the body knows, understands, and intelligently responds to each posture, void of any mental fluctuations. But with so much stimulating the physical practice: the cues, the pace, the sequence, the music, the mental cloudiness, and even the energy from the day, we get lost in the whirlwind of thought and take away the true beauty of yoga’s offerings.

    Together in this workshop, we will dive into the seemingly basic structure of our human anatomy and realize the magnitude of muscular activity, skeletal alignment, and breathwork required within our flows. The purpose? To break down your body and re-vamp the way you understand and appreciate it. Get ready for some strong & earthy standing sequences, fiery core & glute work, and essential pranayama techniques (to harness your vital life force). Going “back to basics” in the most simple, primal, and holistic way will give you the tools to take your practice to the next level, beyond the postures, beyond the mat, and with a really nice booty ;)

    #2 Humanity & Headspace: Targeting the Heart, Hands, and Power to Heal
    19 November 2016 / 11am - 1pm

    Single Workshop - drop in $45 / members only $40

    Double Workshop- drop in $75 / members only $70

    The human form is an invaluable gift. The yoga practice allows us to treat the body like artwork, but we can only claim our value as an artist, when we have mastered the mind. This is why we practice presence, mindfulness, intentional movement and communication.

    This special workshop is all about bridging your human-ness with an absolute Divine source, an Ultimate reality, or Nirvana. The flow will embody a watery & whimsical quality, to develop fluidity along the spine, more openness in the heart-space and more clarity in the headspace. We will explore the direct links between the hands, arms, heart centre, and the deliverance of a universal healing energy with mudras (gestures), meditation, and expressive movements within your traditional postures. I want you to feel more freedom and confidence in your outer shell, to discover a more meaningful purpose in why you practice asana, and ultimately realizing the radiance, beauty, and bliss that already exists within you.


    Michelle is a genuine, wholehearted, gypsy-soul with an innate passion for teaching. As a devoted practitioner and 500-hr certified YTT, her style embraces the most raw, creative, graceful, and delicious movements that the practice has to offer, while tapping into the nurturing and powerful insights of the ancient tradition. After finding yoga and her teachers in Canada, Thailand, and India, Michelle continued to travel and authentically share her practice and her love around the world.

    Michelle’s inventive approach to the Vinyasa practice is power-full and breath-focused with mindful and engaging progressions. Her pure and lighthearted energy compels a willingness to test your limits, and to listen and trust completely in yourself. Her classes are a generous collection of dynamic flows and soothing meditations, eastern wisdom teachings and soulful modern philosophies, all wrapped up in opportunities to play and share and feel all the Love that is Yoga.

    Michelle is currently leading yoga retreats in Koh Phangan, Thailand, a magical paradise and an experience full of love, connection and bliss! For more info see: www.thailandyogalove.com FB: Pure Flow Yoga - Retreats in Paradise