• YOGA BEATS - a Dance Inspired Workshop with Liora & Erdinc

    When: Saturday 6 February, 2016 1 - 3 pm
    Who: Everyone! This class is ALL LEVELS
    How much? $35 with $5 going to our aligned charity - Asylum Seeker Resource Centre 


    Let's get wild and free, extend our limits and loosen our boundaries with this joyful Hatha Yoga meets Dance Yoga Workshop led by international teachers Liora & Erdinc. They offer a variety of their favourite music combined with their best Asana sequences - freeing the body from habitual patterns, clearing the mind and encouraging students to get out of their comfort zone and explore their best self. In this class you will flow with concentration on inner and outer music and explore different elements of posture, breath and meditation: Set yourself free, let go of the thought of how you or your yoga practice should be and experience your best self. 

    This class is for ALL LEVELS - just come, be groovy and explore the bliss of yoga combined with the freedom of dance. 

    About Liora & Erdinc

    Liora Lilienfeld hails from Zurich with a strong interest in improving people’s wellbeing and health, encouraging them to live their highest potential.

    Liora discovered yoga while juggling her studies of communication and a busy job. Years of self practice with Stephen Thomas and Chris Chavez's Teacher Training gave her the skills to offer you an uplifting yoga-experience. Liora’s style employs different playful elements to lead your way to challenging and inspiring positions. Liora focuses particularly on healthy executions to allow your body to feel vital and happy every single day.



    Originally from Copenhagen, Erdinc Ajredinovski saw yoga as a way of relating everything you know to a higher purpose. Whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, he believes it is a way of conveying the beauty of enlightenment. After five years of practice and a fascination with human movement with a background as a physical therapist in a rehab centre, he took the plunge and embarked on his yoga teaching journey. Ever since, he's enjoyed travelling the world practicing and training with world-renowned teachers.